'I am OBSESSED with this face mask!'

Sure, we could say how much we’re excited about the radiance-boosting, dark spot-obliterating results of our first and only face mask. But what we really love is hearing it from all of you. Here’s the word on the street about how it’s working.




"I am OBSESSED with this face mask! The first night I used it and washed it off the next morning my skin felt so much smoother and softer. After about a week of using I could really see that my skin tone looked more even and less blotchy. I really liked that after each use my skin had a "glow" to it and I felt like I didn't need to wear foundation. It’s also an added bonus that its only $22!"

–Morgan, 25



"I have been using the Overnight Brightening Mask for two weeks now and WOW! I woke up to smooth dewy skin. It has helped with the little breakouts I have gotten on my cheeks, and my skin truly looks brighter! I can finally say I walk out the door without makeup, just the mineral sunscreen and Mama is ready to go!"

–Margaret, @xoxomarg




"Being skincare- and health-obsessed, I am very particular about the products I use (especially those that I put on my face!). I like to use only clean skincare products, so when I stumbled upon this product and saw that it had great ingredients I was instantly sold. I have been using this product for almost three weeks now and I am so in love! My sun spots have minimized significantly, my skin tone appears to be more even, and it has a perfect dewy glow to it!"

–Kayla, 30, @kaymar91




"Being a professional photographer I’m outdoors a lot, and I find that being in the sun all day can amplify some of my hyperpigmentation. I stumbled upon this product and figured I would give it a try as it was only $22 versus many others being $70+. So far I am really loving this mask as it has helped with my pigmentation and texture."

–Alyssa, 28, @alyssawendtphotography

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