Repricing Campaign

We’re changing Pipette’s prices—and here’s why.

At Pipette, our mission is to make clean, safe, and effective personal care for you and your family. Mom care, baby care, bath care, hand care, targeted skin treatments, you name it—we make the daily household essentials that keep life running smoothly, and we make them as clean as they can possibly be. These have been our core values from Day One. We want families empowered to choose what’s safest and best for their kids (and for themselves!). After all, what choice is more important than that?


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But just as importantly, we want all families to be able to afford clean, safe, and ethically-produced products. Clean personal care is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we’ve made the decision to take a stand and update our prices (PERMANENTLY!). In case you’re wondering: no, our formulas haven’t changed! All our products are still held to the same rigorous standards, we still ban over 2000 potentially harmful ingredients from our formulas, and we still use science-backed, top-performing clean and sustainable ingredients like our sugarcane-derived squalane. We’re able to make these price cuts because of our biotech expertise. Instead of working with a middleman, we have our very own sustainable facility in Brazil where renewable sugarcane is harvested and transformed into our super-moisturizing hero ingredient, squalane. We also draw upon our in-house lab where our scientists research and create revolutionary new product formulations. All of this streamlines our production process, and allows us to bring you quality personal care that’s affordable for all families.


The bottom line is, we don’t want anyone to have to worry about price before purchasing their daily basics. Mamas should be able to go to the drugstore and replenish their baby products when they run out without thinking twice about price or quality. So we’ve made our everyday essentials—our Baby Shampoo + Wash, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, and more—$8 each. (That’s a big drop; our Baby Shampoo + Wash was $12 before!) Come take a look around the site, stock up, see what’s new—you’ll notice lots more price changes, and we think you’ll be happily surprised.




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