The best family Halloween costume ideas

Our top Halloween looks for the whole family, from Star Wars to Johnny Depp.

Lucky you: having a baby officially gives you full rights to come up with the most creative, over-the-top family Halloween costumes for at least a decade. Learn from the masters with these all-time favorites.


Bun in the oven? The family theme practically designs itself. (Did anyone say “lobster roll?”) (@l_phree)



Two safari explorers + bananas + one tiny baby monkey = too much cuteness. (@accordingtomandy)



If your family’s big, you don’t need to look any further than the Star Wars franchise. (Bonus points if your Stormtrooper looks as world-weary as this one). (@inhonorofdesign)



Get yourself a dinosaur balloon, a pint-sized Jeep, and a couple of intrepid toddlers, and you’re en route to a flawless recreation of Jurassic Park. (@fontes_four_pack)



Cabbage Patch Kid costume? Incredible. Cleverly integrating the baby stroller into the display box? That's some next level Halloween genius right there. (@luvbec)



“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” The Wizard of Oz is a perennial group-costume classic, especially if your Cowardly Lion is having none of it. (@the_aube_chronicles)



Because who can resist a family of lovable superheros? (@saraengland1)



An adorable DIY Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and honey pot: 100% amazing. (@staceychadbourne)



But really, does it get any better than Johnny Depp, six ways?? We bow down. (@thesigafam)

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