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Safe, loveable products for babies and moms

Made with the highest standards and safest ingredients, Pipette postpartum skincare products restore and replenish the key ingredients that make babies and moms so special. All of our pregnancy safe skincare products are clean, hypoallergenic, and tested by dermatologists.

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Meet Pipette: clean, gentle, and nourishing skincare for pregnancy products for moms and babies. We created a line of skin and bath products that lock in moisture with plant-derived ingredients like squalane. Our collection of clean, safe, effective products for expectant mothers are especially formulated for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond: our ultra-rich Belly Butter helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks, and our lightweight Belly Oil targets those annoying feelings of tummy itchiness while helping to support skin’s natural elasticity. Our Relaxing Wash and Relaxing Lotion are gentle on moms’ delicate skin, and are both designed with a 100% plant-derived aroma clinically shown to help chill you out. All our hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free mom products are tested by dermatologists, and designed to provide important self-care to mamas during pregnancy and postpartum—because they deserve all kinds of support. Seriously. They deserve it so, so much.