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Our Mission

Nurturing babies’ skin (and the world they’ll grow up in)

We’re committed to making clean, safe everyday essentials parents can trust. And we never compromise when it comes to safety or sustainability. Why? Because we aren’t just thinking about today, but the impact our choices will have on the planet in the future.

  • Pediatrician Approved Baby ProductsPediatrician Approved
  • Dermatologist Tested Baby ProductsDermatologist Tested
  • Hypoallergenic Baby Products Hypoallergenic
  • EWG VerifiedEWG Verified
  • Baby Products Formulated with 100% Renewable Electricity Made With 100% Renewable Energy
  • PETA certified cruelty free + veganCruelty Free + Vegan
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Squalane - sugarcane derived skincare ingredient
Meet Squalane

The moisturizing superhero your baby's skin already knows

At birth, a creamy substance called the vernix coats babies' skin, providing powerful natural protection in their first few hours. Rich in ultra-hydrating squalene, it nourishes and waterproofs baby's skin. At the heart of all of our formulas is squalane—an extra-safe, sugarcane-derived version of the moisturizer baby's skin already knows.

Plant Derived Squalane baby products
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